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Sky Lift Rentals has been serving Southern California since 1986.

Sky Lift Rentals specializes in renting high reach equipment for commercial construction projects large and small. Our rental fleet includes: personnel lifts, scissorlifts, boomlifts, forklifts, material lifts, trenchers, backhoes and excavators. All of our equipment is from leading manufacturers to ensure our customers get the safest and most reliable piece of equipment available.

Sky Lift Rentals’ knowledgeable, experienced and personable team provides its customers with an exceptional rental experience. Our Sales Team makes sure you get the equipment you need for your specific job. We pride ourselves in having quality equipment at competitive pricing. Our Service Team makes sure the equipment is reliable and safe. We ensure timely delivery and pickup of your equipment and more importantly, if you experience a service issue, our Service Team is available to maximize your uptime.

Sky Lift Rentals knows the importance of time management and reliability. We make it our goal to get appropriate quality equipment out to our customers on time, so that they can complete their job on time.

Most importantly, our relationships with our customers are built on trust and integrity.

Let our expert team help you select the equipment you need to get your job done!